Friday, January 13, 2012

Gregg loves paleo.... sometimes.

So I (Libby)  have been eating Paleo (in and out) for just over a year. It is definitely an adjustment in lifestyle.... no more cereal for breakfast, no more rolls with dinner, not more bread, tortillas, or grains of any sort. Most of our meals consist of meat and vegetables. I enjoy fruit and nuts for snacks. This has been the hardest part for Gregg as he doesn't really like nuts, and has a limited amount of fruit he will eat. The part he does love though, is the MEAT. Tonight we had steak topped with whipped chive butter, and roasted balsamic onions. Ahhhhmazing.
Recipe courtesy of  "Make it Paleo"

Gregg's response? "They should sell this at Cafe Eccel" and "This is way better than Roadhouse". A success then, I believe.
What did Buddy do the whole time we were eating?
He stared longingly.

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