Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Art of Fermenting

Gregg finds this very strange. I probably used to think it was strange too. But I will try anything once! I have made batches of sauerkraut from scratch before, and my latest craze is kombucha tea. It costs about $3 for a 16oz bottle of kombucha so it is much cheaper to make your own.
So you purchase a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast) that is alive and feeds on the sugar in the tea, which ferments the tea. It is full of probiotics, detoxes, high in anti-oxidants, improves digestion, boosts energy, and supposedly is cancer preventing, as well as many other things!

Here is a picture of the SCOBY on top of the tea. Usually when you add the "mother", it produces a "baby" on the surface of the tea, like the one pictured here.
Pretty gross looking, right?

Anyway, Gregg still thinks I am out of my mind for making and drinking this stuff, but I actually like it! You can also double ferment it with fruit juice and after bottling it, leaving it out to ferment some more will make it have a little more fizziness! 

I made another batch of sauerkraut tonight, which will be ready in about 2 weeks. I used cabbage & carrots in this one. Should be interesting. Well that's my exciting blog post on my obsession with probiotics.